Marine Conservation Bali

Marine Conservation Internship

This is an in-depth conservation and marine ecology training program that consists of 1 to 3 week-long modules.

Each Module is 6 days of diving, skills and fun! Discounts available for enrolling in multiple modules.

Students also have the option of adding the CMAS Scientific Diver & PADI Divemaster certification to the program.

turtle survey

Marine Conservation & Ecology Week

6 Days - IDR 6.500.000 


  • PADI Underwater Naturalist
  • PADI Fish Identification
  • PADI Manta Conservation
  • Project Aware Coral Conservation

This week-long program not just includes the above listed certifications, but so much more! The week starts with an in-depth "Introduction to Marine Ecology" lecture which ties in knowledge specific to the areas you will be diving in the Nusa Penida Marine Park. Each day then includes specific task-orientated diving and lectures in topics from coral health, tropical reef fish identification, and marine conservation.

Andrew Reef Check.jpg

Reef Health MOnitoring Week

6 Days - IDR 6.500.000 



  • Reef Check Manuals & survey slates
  • 10 dives

In this week-long program we will learn about several survey techniques used to monitor coral reef health. The Coral Watch Coral Health Chart to assess corals for bleaching. Make your dives count! Reef Check uses standard scientific survey techniques to monitor coral, fish and invertebrate species on a reef. We also practice several standardized survey technique used by both the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority & Nusa Penida Marine Park's long term monitoring project. Timed swims are conducted for indicator fish species, and coral cover is assessed using quadrats.

coral reef restoration bali

Coral Restoration week

6 Days - IDR 6.500.000 


  • PADI Coral Restoration Specialty


  • Coral Restoration Handbook
  • 10 dives
  • Installation of one coral frame per student

Join certified restoration practitioner and biologist Andrew Taylor on an ongoing coral restoration project in Nusa Penida Marine Park. During this week you will learn about techniques and up-to-date science on coral reef restoration, as well as take part in the project.

This week long course is conducted as a workshop. Each student receives a Blue Corner Marine Research Coral Restoration Handbook.

Day 1:  We start in the classroom with learning about restoration ecology and types of coral restoration projects. The first diving day is then spent surveying impact sites and viewing a selection of coral restoration projects taking place on the island. 

Day 2:  We discuss and developing a restoration plan. Followed by a site assessment of the restoration area including mapping and identification of species present.

Day 3:  We begin building modular reef structures on shore. Then out diving to select suitable donor sites for collecting coral transplants

Day 4: Building the coral nursery and installing reef structures underwater

Day 5: Transplanting corals into the coral restoration site

Day 6: Developing a monitoring plan in the classroom. Then out diving to measure all the new coral transplants and secure any loose fragments. Inspect and monitor some of the older areas of the restoration site and look for growth.